As a result of a partnership between Poncini and Fils Ltd and Chemical Services Pty Ltd (South Africa), Cernol Chemicals Ltd, the first company of the Group, began its operations in 1970 in the industrial zone of ​​Plaine Lauzun. Cernol Chemicals was the first manufacturer of specialty chemicals in Mauritius and exported most of its production as the industrialization and development of Mauritius was in its infancy. Only in the mid 80’s did a real market develop locally for specialty chemicals and Cernol Chemicals started broadening its activities to Textile Chemicals, Industrial Hygiene and Industrial Cleaning.


The know-how and technology of principals such as Ecolab, Ciba Geigy and Chemical Services enabled Cernol to become a privileged partner for its customers. Cernol built its business by helping its customers optimize their manufacturing processes in terms of productivity gains and energy savings whilst improving the quality of their products and services and optimizing costs.


In the early 1980s, Cernol Chemicals Ltd launched a range of household cleaning products and thirty five years later, Cernol offers a complete range of powdered and liquid detergents, dishwashing liquids, disinfectants, cleaners, bleach, and scouring powders to clean and disinfect Mauritian homes. Cernol products have thus become household brands in every Mauritian house.


Over the years, other companies have been created in specific fields: Dynachem and Chemical Systems for the textile and building industry, and Cernol Marketing in marketing and distribution. The Group is also present in the Indian Ocean region through companies such as Dynachimie and Cernol Madagascar in Madagascar, in Réunion, through an agent and distributor, Ecochimie Sarl and in the Seychelles by Cernol Seychelles.


Each company of the Group boasts a trained and qualified technical and commercial team to provide first world technology and services to its customer base.


The Cernol Group employs more than 200 people and continually invests in new production machinery to be true to its manufacturing origins.


Cernol Marketing is constantly involved in the innovation and design of new products and packaging, so that the quality remains "world class".


The Cernol Group invests heavily in training and managing its teams to continue serving its customers with the best technology and personalized service with the support of its international partners namely Ecolab, AECI (Chemical Services), Huntsman Textile Effects and Grace Construction Chemicals.






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