Dynachimie SA


Dynachimie SA


The Cernol Group has been established in Madagascar since 1993 to support the development efforts of the country in the textile industry. DYNACHIMIE SA, a company operating in the free zone, specializes in blending and distribution of textile chemical products, and is a true partner of textile export processing zone producing a wide variety of dyed and / or printed fabrics and garments.

























Exclusive agent for Eurodye-CTC based in Belgium, Dynachimie SA supplies textile pigments but also a wide range of textile auxiliaries (enzymes, fixing agents, dispersants, anti-redeposition, softeners and other lubricants etc.).


Our textile laboratory allows us to make the necessary analyses to help our customers in their processes: water analysis, products, shade-matching, etc.


Supported by renowned professionals worldwide, our technical team is at your disposal for any development or follow-up of textile wet processing.











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