Dynachem Ltd


Dynachem Ltd, established in 1985, provides chemical products for the textile industry in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region for more than 30 years.


The business of Dynachem Ltd revolves around a range of products such as:


  • Lubricants for spinning wool, knitting cotton and wool and polyester sewing threads
  • Wetting agents, hydrogen peroxide stabilisers and detergents useful in pre- treatment of textile fibers
  • Dyeing auxiliaries for cotton, wool, polyester, polyamide, polyacrylic, and blends of these fibers.
  • Softeners and finishing agents
  • Additives for printing pastes and textile pigments for printing
  • Other special effect products for garment finishing.
  • Products for denim finishing , useful for washing such as cellulase, amylase, laccase


























We are committed to manufacturing under license in our factory products of a global quality in Mauritius.


We are supported by international partners who allow us to remain at the forefront of technology in finishing the textile fibers in order to make these products available in our region.


Our fast delivery policy (within 24 hours in Mauritius) and our adequate stock levels allow our customers to benefit from the "Just In Time" aspect and helps to reduce the customers’ inventory.



Dynachem Ltd has embarked on a policy of diversification a few years ago by including in its range, products for industrial floors and technical flooring. This also includes high quality additives and polymers for mortars and for the building segment. This results in applications such as tile adhesives and repair mortars.










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