Chemical Systems Ltd


Chemical Systems Ltd is a specialised chemical trading company from the Cernol group, present for over 30 years on the Mauritian market and in the islands of the Indian Ocean.


One of the main activities of the company is to supply textile dyes and chemicals to the textile industry.


It provides among a range of products wetting agents, detergents, softening agents, dyeing auxiliaries, resins and dyes for dyeing cotton, wool, polyester and polyamide fibers and mixtures thereof. We offer the possibility of being a "one stop shop" and thus your only business partner for the wet processing of the textile fiber under all its forms.



























In order to expand its portfolio of specialized chemicals, Chemical Systems Ltd has been involved for several years in supplying raw materials for the manufacture of paint in the form of thickeners, dispersing agents , emulsifiers, binders, film-forming agents, and pigments.


Chemical Systems Ltd also offers a wide range of chemicals for the building industry such as concrete admixtures and fibers, architectonic concrete products, façade cladding, chemical surface retarders, waxed concrete floors, curing products, protective products, liquid pigments for coloured concrete, cement additives, concrete masonry products, structural sealers, fireproofing products, leakage clogging and soil stabilisation solutions, as well as high strength structural grouts and mortars additives specializing in the manufacture of mortars and tile adhesives.


We supplement this offer with our iron oxides useful in the paint and building industry.


Chemical Systems Ltd also supplies the raw materials useful in the manufacture of household chemicals such as dish washing liquids, household softeners, and disinfectants.











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