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CERNOL MADAGASCAR SA was created two years after its sister company, DYNACHIMIE SA, in 1995. Cernol Madagascar SA supplies a wide range of Huntsman textile dyes, as well as auxiliaries such as wetting agents, hydrogen peroxide stabilisers and detergents useful for the preparation of the textile fabric. The textile laboratory offers a valuable service to dyers by determining the dyeing recipes (“shade-matching”) applicable for its customer’s specific requirements during production.

























In addition, Cernol Madagascar SA has diversified into sectors such as industrial hygiene as the exclusive distributor of ECOLAB (World No 1 in Hygiene) and KIMBERLY CLARK (KLEENEX), and now supports almost all hotels / restaurants but also several Food and Beverage companies in Madagascar. With more than 20 years of experience in this country, Cernol offers an adapted service in a context where mastery of inventory management and logistics is paramount. Cernol now serves customers throughout this vast territory with professional service.


For more than 5 years now, Cernol Madagascar SA offers concrete admixtures (accelerators / retarders, hardeners, form release oils, waxed concretes, hard landscaping concretes, chemical surface retarders ,sealers, water repellents, etc.) and raw materials for the manufacture of paints (styrene acrylics, resins, alkyds, pigments, thickeners, etc.).


Cernol Madagascar SA is also a supplier of water treatment products and swimming pools products (such as hypochlorite, buffering acid, anti-algae etc.).


Last but not least, the company has invested in production lines to be present in the domestic products market: everything for the home in terms of hygiene and cleaning under the brand Cernol in bottles of 500ml, 750ml, 1L and 5L.


Supported by internationally renowned professionals, our technical team is at your disposal for any development or follow-up in textile, hygiene, building segments and water treatment.










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