CERNOL CHEMICALS LTD, the first company of the Cernol Group, was founded in 1970. Innovating from the start, to respond to the needs of the local and regional markets, the company now manufactures specialty chemicals for a wide variety of customers in sectors such as:


  • Industrial Hygiene (Agri-food industries, hotels and restaurants)
  • Commercial Laundry
  • Industrial Cleaning (garages, airports, shipyards)
  • Industrial Adhesives
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Laboratory Services
  • Specific cleaning contracts within various Industries
  • Manufacturer of chemical products under customer brands.

Cernol Chemicals Ltd is present in the Indian Ocean region, through its sister companies in Seychelles and Madagascar and in Reunion, through its distributor, Ecochimie. Cernol brings its expertise and professional skills in terms of Hygiene and Cleaning as Licensee and Distributor of ECOLAB (World No 1 of Hygiene), Chemical Services (AECI), HB Fuller and KIMBERLY CLARK (KLEENEX-Industrial). Cernol Chemicals Ltd is today the privileged partner of most Food and Beverage companies of the island as well as the main supplier of many hotels and restaurants in the Region.


Featuring a newly renovated factory and advanced technology for the production of detergents, Cernol Chemicals Ltd also manufactures household cleaning products, distributed by Cernol Marketing Ltd in supermarkets and hardware stores.


Vertically integrated, Cernol Chemicals Ltd manufactures its own packaging, allowing it to offer its products at the best price / quality ratio.


Cernol’s laboratory is fully equipped for analyzing physico-chemical parameters as well as microbiological data for quality control. This modern laboratory allows Cernol to constantly guarantee high performance and high quality products.


Cernol Chemicals Ltd is also a provider of water treatment products for swimming pools (chlorine, acid, anti-algae etc.).


Supported by renowned professionals worldwide, our technical team is at your service for any development or follow-up in laundries, hygiene, industrial cleaning and water treatment.







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